Your oral health

Periodontal disease, have you been affected?

Your kids

Children do not always adapt easily to new environments. The dental office can be challenging for certain anxious ones.

Quality of service

The Centre Dentaire Des Ormeaux possesses up-to-date tools and techniques in order to obtain precise diagnoses and treatments for the optimal oral health of each and every patient.


Intra-Oral Camera

In order to obtain a precise and magnified image of the oral tissues and teeth, a miniature digital camera connected to a computer screen is used.

Diagnodent Laser

A device used to measure the precise depth of caries, from their first stage of development, in order to assess diagnosis and proper treatment.

General Dentistry

A routine dental exam and cleaning are essential in order to maintain long-term oral health. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to visit your dentist every 6 months.

Good oral health keeps us smiling!

Jean-Marc Des Ormeaux, Laval (Pont-Viau) Dentist, has been the owner of Centre Dentaire Des Ormeaux for over 25 years. His mission is to make your experience at the dentist a calm and enjoyable one.

At Centre Dentaire Des Ormeaux we keep your oral health dear to our heart! In our Laval office, our devoted staff of general dentists and specialists is here to help you look after and maintain your oral health.
In addition, a pediatric dentist is available to introduce the importance of a healthy dental environment from an early age.

The family practice we have built is available to attend to all your needs and requests.
Centre Dentaire Des Ormeaux is accessible to those in need during a dental emergency. At all times, you can call the clinic for assistance. Outside of our opening hours please follow the instructions on the answering machine.