Conscious sedation

Conscious Sedation

Our clinic provides trained personnel and equipment for the use of nitrous oxide gas, otherwise known as laughing gas. The use of this gas, combined with oxygen, allows the patient to remain awake, but experience a great reduction in stress, anxiety and fear of dental treatment. Time awareness and nausea are also feelings that are altered.

Our staff will be able to answer all questions you may have with this treatment method. The link below provides additional information on conscious sedation.

Nitrous oxide sedation transforms the stress of dental treatments to a relaxing sensation.


What are the advantages of nitrous oxide gas?

Nitrous oxide gas takes effect after only a few minutes, when a relaxing sensation takes over. The level of sedation can be adjusted easily in order to obtain the perfect level of tranquility. Once the gas is removed, it takes about 3-5 minutes for the sensation to go away without leaving any residual side effects. It is the only form of sedation that allows you to return to normal functioning.


Is nitrous oxide gas safe?

COMPLETELY. Nitrous oxide is considered the safest method to control stress and anxiety during a dental or medical procedure. It is a weak anesthetic that is completely eliminated from the patient’s system once the treatment is over. The beneficial effects are highly considered to lower stress in patients with certain diseases, such as angina, hypertension or previous heart attack. Unlike general anesthesia, this form of sedation allows the patient to remain totally conscious during the treatment.

Certain patients describe their experience as a floating sensation during a pleasant dream. For anxious adults and children, nitrous oxide can be the key to undergoing necessary dental treatments at an optimal comfort level.


Is it safe for children?

ABSOLUTELY. All efforts are made by our dentists to facilitate dental treatments. Unfortunately, some kids require sedation for the work to be done. Nitrous oxide gas is the safest and most reliable technique in certain cases. It allows your child to keep happy memories of their visits to the dentist.

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