Fixed and removable prostheses

Fixed Prostheses

Whether they are being stabilized by natural teeth or by implants, fixed prostheses allow the restoration of function and esthetic. They ensure strength, comfort and stability and require little to no adjustment by the patient.

Similar to natural teeth, they remain fixed in the oral cavity. Although one case differs from the next, our professionals will be able to address your needs and provide you with the appropriate treatment solution.


Removable prostheses

This treatment option allows the replacement of one or multiple teeth, even the entire dentition. Composed of acrylic, or a combination of acrylic and metal, a removable prosthesis rests on edentulous areas and allows the restoration of function and esthetics without requiring complex modifications to teeth or soft tissues.

They can be removed and placed by the patient.

We rely on the services of certified laboratories that use the best materials available on the market. Our denturologist is able to repair certain problems on the spot, quickly and diligently.