General and family dentistry

Recall exam and cleaning

A regular recall exam and cleaning are essential in order to maintain satisfactory long-term oral health. As a general rule, it is recommended to consult a dentist twice a year, in other words, every 6 months.

The recall exam is composed of an extra-oral and intra-oral exam. Teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks and mucosal tissues are visually inspected and radiographs are taken based on the dental history and needs of the patient.

The dental exam allows the diagnosis of present problems, as well as the prevention of various pathologies, such as decay, cysts, infections and oral cancer. Up-to-date technologies such as a laser to detect decay (diagnodent) or a Velscope are used as needed.



These are necessary in order to repair or reconstruct tooth structure damaged by decay, trauma or wear.

For minor restorations, composite (white filling) or amalgam (grey, silver filling) are the usual materials of choice. For larger restorations or teeth that have more advanced damage, a crown or CEREC are more appropriate choices in order to achieve longevity and greater resistance to damage