Implants are most often the best option to replace one or multiple missing teeth in a fixed or removable manner. They can also serve to hold a complete or partial denture that is unstable due to loss of tissue support.

The implant is placed in the jawbone. Its titanium structure integrates into the patient’s bone mass and becomes part of the bone. It serves as a stable structure on which we can rebuild masticatory function and a smile without depending on the support of natural teeth.

Implants also allow the maintenance of one’s natural bone level in edentulous areas and permit an even distribution of masticatory forces in a person missing some or all of their teeth.



Implants serve to replace missing teeth. They can be used to hold a removable denture that is mobile or uncomfortable in a fixed fashion. Additionally, they can replace teeth that have been highly restored and broken down in order to favor a better long-term prognosis.

This alternative is commonly used and highly recommended as a reliable treatment option.
Nevertheless, it is necessary to have enough bony tissue to allow for the placement and support of implants in the interested areas. Bone grafts may be used in certain areas where the support is lacking.
Placing implants cannot be performed with a blind eye. Planning each case and its success requires proper preparation and adequate documentation of the diagnosis and radiographic information. The treatment must be undertaken with the correct steps and procedures. The process is complex and demands a lot of patience for its preparation and fulfillment.

In order for the implant to be stable in a patient’s mouth, bony tissue colonizes on the implant in an intrinsic fashion. This requires several months of healing, named osseointegration. The surgeon determines the appropriate healing time based on the bone density of the patient, the dimensions of the implant screw and the masticatory forces. This step is crucial before the restoration is placed to function. Temporary or transitional prostheses can be made to allow for proper esthetics and function during this period.

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