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Dr. Jean-Marc Des Ormeaux

As a graduate from University of Montreal in 1983, Dr. Jean-Marc Des Ormeaux has shared his energy, passion, and dedication to dentistry with his fellow associates for decades. Upon graduating from dental school, he received the Aldus Bernard prize for academic excellence in dentistry. Additionally, he pursued further education at the International Dental Institute, which he graduated from in 1989. His practice is oriented towards a wide range of new technologies, CEREC restorations, esthetic dentistry, fixed and removable rehabilitation with implants, micro-abrasion, crowns and bridges. He is bilingual and strives to facilitate communication between the dentist and the patient.

Dr. Nathalie Boivin

Dr. Nathalie Boivin graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at University of Montreal in 1990. Since then, she has devoted her time and energy to making her patients feel comfortable in the dental chair, having experienced difficult situations herself in similar environments. Her attention to detail has helped nurture her passion for esthetic dentistry. You will feel at ease discussing the treatment options relevant to your dental health. She speaks French, English, and some Spanish.

Dr. Stéphanie Claveau

Pediatric Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Stephanie Claveau received her dental degree from University of Montreal in 2012, as well as the certificate of merit from the American Association of Pediatric Dentists. Since then, she has been dedicated to her passion of pediatric dentistry.

During her three years of specialty at the Saint-Justine Hospital, she grew her expertise and knowledge in child oral development, management of medically compromised and special needs patients, dental traumas, as well as different sedation techniques, such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation and general anesthesia. In 2015, she received her Master’s degree in pediatric dentistry. In the same year, she became a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. She is also a member of the Canadian Association of Pediatric Dentists (CAPD) and the American Association of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD)

Her practice philosophy is based on the mutual respect between the dental team, the patient, and parents. Her calmness, patience and gentleness play key roles to her approach when treating her patients.

Dr. Yonit Rebibo

Dr. Yonit Rebibo received her dental degree from McGill University in 2012. Following graduation, she completed a multidisciplinary residency at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, where she received the Alpha Omega/Mount Royal Dental Society Award for best Research table clinic presentation, studying sports-related injuries in adolescents and their effects on dentition. Additionally, she developed invaluable experience treating healthy and medically compromised children, dental emergencies, as well as using different types of sedation, including nitrous oxide and general anesthesia.

Dr. Rebibo pays special attention to detail and is highly regarded by her patients for her warmth and patience. She values her experiences as a mother of young children to aid in her approach when interacting with nervous or anxious patients. Her professional practice is centered on a family and pediatric environment.

Dr David Phan

Dr. David Phan graduated in 1994 from the Faculty of Dentistry at University of Montreal. He, then, completed a year of multidisciplinary residency at Notre-Dame Hospital. After practicing general dentistry for 10 years, he geared his practice exclusively towards his passion of endodontics (root canal treatment), an area in which he excels.

In a developing field, Dr. Phan has continuously followed continuing education courses in order to broaden his skills and knowledge of endodontics. His professional skills and techniques are always up-to-date in order to deliver the optimal treatment to his patients.

The Centre dentaire Des Ormeaux is grateful to have a proficient and dedicated dentist as part of their team. Dr. Phan offers his patients efficient treatment in a calm and gentle environment.


Mr Bernard Henri Denturologist

Mr. Bernard Henri is a graduate from College Edouard-Montpetit in 1987. Throughout his many years of practice as a denturologist, he has amassed much experience and mastered his technical skills to an exceptional level. Whether it be to renew the esthetics of a removable denture, to improve masticatory function or to maximize the use of an implant-overdenture or denture on natural tissue, Mr. Henri is available for all advice and aid in your treatment of choice.

Dr Nathalia Vilgrain

Dr. Nathalia Vilgrain is a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at University of Laval since 2013. She is known for her charisma, devotion, patience and gentle touch. Her practice is built on keeping the needs of her patients a priority by listening and reassuring those that she is treating that they are in the best hands.

Dr. Vilgrain is in continuous pursuit of excelling her knowledge and skills through many educational seminars. Most notably, after receiving her dental degree, she completed a multidisciplinary residency at the University of Montreal. Throughout this period, she obtained much experience with anxious patients, emergency situations, and complex cases, such as wisdom teeth extraction.

In her free time, Dr. Vilgrain enjoys the outdoors, perfecting her cooking skills, as well as widening her cultural experiences through travel.


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