Periodontal, or gum, disease is the primary cause of tooth loss among Quebec adults after the age of 35. It presents as an oral disease that progresses slowly and insidiously, usually without obvious symptoms to the patient. Occasionally, patients may have bleeding gums that may seem harmless, but is not.
Initially, the gums are affected, then leading to supporting bone reduction. Eventually, this leads to tooth mobility, and their subsequent loss.

Routine dental exams allow for the deceleration of this process and allow simpler treatments with a better prognosis to prevent an advanced state of the disease.

Treatments for periodontal disease are available at the Centre Dentaire Des Ormeaux and include,

  • – Scaling and root planning
  • – Epithelial or connective tissue graft
  • – Clinical crown lengthening
  • – Mouthguard
  • – Occlusal equilibration
  • – Gingivectomy by scalpel, electrosurgery or laser