For your kids

A visit to the dentist…child’s play!

Children do not always adapt easily to new environments. The dental office can be challenging for certain anxious ones. Our pediatric and family dentists, specialized in dental treatment for kids, will take all the time necessary to reassure your child and familiarize them in order for them to feel safe and confident.
Good oral hygiene starts at birth! The personnel at Centre Dentaire Des Ormeaux take your children’s well being and oral health to heart. It is for this reason that we welcome Dr. Stephanie Claveau, pediatric dentist, to our team. Her training in this field, as well as her empathy, gentleness, and vast knowledge in child psychology, allows for an individualized approach to each patient.

We recommend parents schedule a first visit to the dentist for their child’s oral exam 6 months after the eruption of their first tooth, or at 12 months of age. This rule of thumb excludes certain exceptions such as trauma, abnormal tooth eruption, pain, or parental concerns. The initial goal involves familiarizing your child with the dental clinic.

The first visit allows parents to have pertinent questions answered, to receive advice to prevent future oral health problems, and to learn proper oral hygiene and nutritional habits.

The fee for a dental exam is covered by the RAMQ once a year up to, and including, 9 years of age. Insure your child’s future oral health by booking an appointment with our pediatric and family dentists today!